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Vancouver Tree Book is a Living City Field Guide that will help you learn the trees that define the rainforest city. Available March 2016.


From the back cover of The Mustard Seed:

Sportswriter Gordie Talison has seen enough games.

So when an assignment in Sri Lanka suddenly turns political, he has a choice. He can stay quietly in the crowd or leap into a popular rebellion. But in this game the winners write the rules and the losers die.

Set amid the chaos of southern Sri Lanka in the late 1980s, The Mustard Seed is the story of a man with a chance to redeem his life, at the risk of losing far more.

The Mustard Seed is available on order from your favorite bookstore (ISBN: 978-0-9865055-1-5) for $13.99.

You can also buy it online from retailers such as Amazon.

The e-version which can be read on everything from your computer to your Kindle to your iPod is available from Smashwords for $4.95.

For bulk orders please contact info@purewavemedia.com.

Young, funny and naïve Earl Brododsky can barely believe his good luck when he a lands a plum reporter’s job at the City Herald. But what if it was more than luck? What if he got hired as a minority for claiming Native American roots that may go no deeper than family rumor? And what happens if the novel’s pressing question – how can we truly know ourselves? – hits him hardest during a media frenzy of his own making?

The Miracle Tree is a comedy about life, love, race and a skewed search for the Truth under a tree that might make wishes come true.

Available on order from your local independent (or if you insist, mega-chain) bookstore (ISBN: 9780986505508) or from Amazon.com.

For the e-book version that will works on a iPad, the Kindle, your iPod Touch or any other electronic reading gizmo you might have, get the Smashwords version here.

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